Workout: Weds, July 31

///Workout: Weds, July 31

Workout: Weds, July 31

Optional: How many minutes can you accumulate in a plank, and side planks on each side (all three must be equal)?


A. 3 rounds:
Samson lunge with tri stretch x 25′
Scap raise push-up x 10
Scap raise pull-up or hands overhead x 10
100 meter run

B. 4 rounds: Dips x 12 and Bear crawl x 25′

Hand release push-up + “death by shoulder tap”
(One minute at a time: 1 HRPU + 1/1 ST, 2 HRPU + 2/2 ST, 3 HRPU + 3/3 ST, etc.)

C. “Death by reverse burpees” (use counter-weight if needed)
One minute at a time: 1 reverse burpee, 2 reverse burpees, 3 reverse burpees, 4 reverse burpees, etc., until you cannot fit the number of reverse burpees into the minute).

D. Child’s pose
Prayer hands
Side body stretch (standing, cross feet and reach arm overhead)