Workout: Sat, July 27

///Workout: Sat, July 27

Workout: Sat, July 27

Optional: How many squats can you do today:


A. 5x each:
25 sec jog
10 lunge/push-up/point to sky

B. 5x each:
12 (6 each side) forward lunges, hands behind head
12 reverse lunges, hands behind head
12/12 single leg romanian dead lifts

C. 5 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), each (complete 5 mins of each movement before moving to the next):
10 x good mornings
10/10 side lunges
10 sit-ups
10 wood chopper

D. Feet up the wall – 2 mins
Figure 4 – 2 mins
Happy baby