Workout: Mon, July 29

///Workout: Mon, July 29

Workout: Mon, July 29

Optional: How many sit-ups can you do today?


A. 3 of each:
Scap walk/crawl (bring right hand and foot together while left hand/foot are outstretched, then take a step by bringing the left hand and foot together; 12 “steps” forward and reverse)
Bear crawl (12 “steps”, forward and reverse)
Inch worm with push-up
25/25 arm circles

B. 3 rounds:
ME (Max Effort – as many as possible without breaking) push-ups
ME your choice: Pull-ups, ring rows, barbell pull-ups or jumping pull-ups
1 min walk/jog recovery

C. 7-10 x 100 meter sprints
(choose a consistent stretch in your neighborhood or in a park that is comparable to the 100 m distance at the gym)
Let yourself fully recover between each set
Keep each sprint within +/- 1-2 seconds

D. Walk for 3 min
Prayer hands – 1 min
Side body stretch – 1 min
Calf stretch – 1 min
Couch stretch – 2 min