“Matt’s unique qualities as a coach combine unparalleled expertise in fundamental athletic movements, science-based analytic approach to demonstrate complex movements, and an endless passion to use his professional skills and friendly personality to help athletes achieve their training goals. I can attest that Matt, by far, is the best coach I have ever worked with.”

-Armen D.

“Coach Matt Benti knows how to bring the best out of you each and every work out. I always left the gym feeling stronger and more proud of myself for conquering the WOD to the best of my abilities. He embodied a culture that was never just about a PR, but to just simply compete with yourself, listen to your body, be safe and most important, have fun!”

-Natali B.

“Matt isn’t only extremely knowledgeable about lifting and exercise, but he also has a genuine habit of treating you like a friend. That’s something I think is truly important when putting your faith in someone to help you learn and grow. “

-James S.

“Matt is the best coach I have ever had. His caring, inspiring, motivating personality is truly what separates him from all the other coaches. His encouragement and belief in me has pushed me to be more confident in myself and focus on my strengths.”

– An N.

“Matt is an excellent coach. He is knowledgeable, kind, motivating, and patient. He taught me a great deal and I am grateful to him for that. We all miss him so much! Such a great coach and person over all.”

-Stephanie G.

“Having Matt as a coach was an amazing experience. He really took the time to get to know my strengths and helped to correct my weaknesses. His confidence in my skills allowed me to push myself to do things I never thought possible (pull-ups!!!)!”

-Vilma A.

“I love training with Matt! He always makes working out a fun experience! He is educational yet exhilarating and knows how to push you to perform at your best. He knows how to elevate any class from monotonous to marvelous. I really enjoy the time he takes to talk to each member and ask them how they are doing. It’s like you’re training with a friend who truly cares for your health and wellbeing. He is a first class person and coach. You will not want to train with anyone else!”

-April T.

“Matt Benti is a great coach! I had the pleasure of being coached by him and be able to workout next to him! He’s a very positive and motivating individual. His coaching style is technical and geared towards individuals. I look forward to always have an amazing gym and extended family with Matt Benti in Colorado!”

-Antreas H.


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