Today we feature Marcia, who lights up every class she attends with positivity and a drive to continuously improve!

Name: Marcia 
Occupation: Student & Sterile Processing Technician
Lives in: Fort Collins, CO
Hometown: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

1. What goals are you working on now?
My current fitness goal is primarily strength; to push the boundaries of my body’s believed capacity. I believe we are limitless and I am determined to explore this idea. Because this is uncharted territory, I am celebrating the small milestones along the way. For example: every time I am able to push the limits of lifting and going that extra 5 pounds heavier. Also, I am working very hard to achieve a strict pull-up from a dead hang. Even though success is measured by the completion of a pull-up, I choose to measure my progress by the succession of a slow negative or a high Max Effort(ME) rope pull-ups. I want to push myself this year on my snowboard, and with all my training I feel I will be better prepared for the winter ahead.

2. What challenges do you face in your fitness routine? How do you overcome those challenges?

Injuries lately have been a challenge alongside illness. I am recently pushing forward from a back injury, which I find mentally defeating like having a wrench thrown into my fitness routine. Because this is a temporary drawback, I choose to look ahead and give myself something to look forward to. This time, I bought new lifting shoes! Yes, maybe financially this was a bit impulsive, however, the best investment you can make in life is YOU! It truly helped, ha. Also, calming that self chatter with self-love, humbleness & kindness.
Many people might say their challenge is simple, “Getting up, getting out of bed, & physically getting to the gym.” It is quite the opposite for me! I wake up stoked for the gym, to hang with a rad coach, workout with truly kickass dedicated teammates, & to get my sweat on.

3. Please share a recent success or milestone (fitness/health or otherwise)?

The biggest success is a commitment to my health by consistency at the gym. Finding balance within my life with working full-time, my Anatomy & Physiology class this summer, fitness, & social life. Before my injury a milestone for me was squatting 170lbs, deadlifting 185lbs, and finding a love for burpees! Because lets face it, when we embrace and learn to be friends with a burpee, they start to work in our favor! Plus coach Matt is a burpee KING, & they aren’t ever going to leave our workout routines!

4. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?