Name: Jessica
Occupation: Data Analyst at Poudre School District
Lives in: Fort Collins
Hometown: Arcadia, California

1. What goals are you working on now?
Getting one pull-up!
20 push-ups unbroken
Running a 5K under 30:00.
Keeping up my strength while losing body fat/weight. My current 1 rep max numbers are 185# for Bench Press, 275# for squats, 315# for deadlift, and 105# for strict press. I’d love to see these numbers stay the same or even go up as I work to lose weight and fat slowly.

2. What challenges do you face in your fitness routine? How do you overcome those challenges?
I aim to work out 5-6 days a week, but find that I have a hard time keeping that up when wrenches get thrown in my week. It’s hard to try and workout on my own while traveling or something! When I am successful, I usually find a hotel gym to use or visit a gym when I’m out of town. I convinced my mom in Azusa, CA to sign up for a black card Planet Fitness membership which means she can bring a guest (AKA me!) with her anytime to workout! If I am just plain busy and miss a workout, I try to not beat myself up too much and start up again the next day! Sometimes dwelling on failures/missed opportunities can cause us to miss even more!
Another challenge is that I am quite sedentary on the days I don’t workout or most of the day leading up to a workout. I have a desk job so being sedentary is easy. I try to go on little walks throughout the day, even if it’s just around my building. Having a fitbit helps me try and get at least 250 steps an hour. I would also like to make more of an effort to walk my dog, especially on days I am not working out already.

3. Please share a recent success or milestone (fitness/health or otherwise)?

I pushed myself to train and run my first 5K (with lots of coaching from Matt!) in July. While I completed a couple half-marathons back in my college days, I hadn’t run a race of any sort for several years because of pain and minor injuries preventing me from running regularly. It was a big deal after all these years to push myself to do this race! I couldn’t have done it without Matt’s help and training plan he wrote for me. He would also have me do my running workouts at the gym, which was awesome accountability. I ran the race in 36:00, so now I have a starting point to begin chasing my goal of running a 5K sub-30 minutes!

4. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure food: Hot Cheetos (the Xxtra hot ones!).