Name: Andrew 
Occupation: Campaign Planner for USA Today
Lives in: Fort Collins, CO
Hometown: Johnstown, CO

1. What goals are you working on now?

Most my current goals right now are running focused. I currently have my sights set on Fortiude 10k. I am working on getting my 10k time down to an hour or less. I’m also working on getting my mile time down to 7 minutes, and my 5k time to 25 minutes.

2. What challenges do you face in your fitness routine? How do you overcome those challenges?

One of the biggest struggles I have faced has been consistency with my workout regimen. I am often faced with busy days where working out and going to the gym are the last things on my mind. Luckily, with the aid of Persistent Hunters, I have rekindled my passion for running. I have learned how convenient running can be if I don’t have time to hit the gym. I can drop off my daughter at gymnastics and then go run while she does her thing. I recently dropped of my car at the auto shop, and instead of having someone pick me up, I decided to just run myself home.

3. Please share a recent success or milestone (fitness/health or otherwise)?
Since joining Persistent Hunters in December, I have lost 60 pounds. I have not only reshaped my body, I have reshaped my mind in how I view fitness and food. Weight loss is no longer my primary concern, and I have learned that it is secondary to my other fitness goals. Being a part of a goal focused gym has given me the confidence that I will reach my goal, and the goal after that, and the goal after that.

4. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Living in Fort Collins, how can it be anything other than beer!?


Keep up the good work, Andrew! We’ll see you out on the Fortitude course 🙂