You don’t need any specialty gear, but you should wear clothes you’ll be comfortable sweating in and athletic shoes with a closed toe. We have all the equipment you’ll need to get a great workout here at the gym.

You aren’t required to have a goal to be a member of the gym, but in our experience, you will have more success if you set concrete goals. If you’re not sure what goals to set, we are ready to help you! For example, a member looking to increase their overall fitness would work with Coach Matt to set specific goals for their running time/distance and squat weight. Another member looking to lose weight might work up to the goal of running a 5k, with some nutritional counseling and fitness benchmarks along the way.

Absolutely! Each member starts from a different point and has an individualized program, but gets the support and camaraderie of working out together in a group setting.

A Goal-Driven Gym

Join a supportive community that aims to help you achieve your fitness goals.