October 2018

Running Clinic (Nov 10, 2018)


Hey Runners! Come learn how to avoid injuries and boost your performance at this free running clininc, led by Dr. AJ Cohen of Up and Running Physical Therapy, and hosted by Persistent Hunters: A Goal Driven Gym. Runners of all levels will learn through a combination of lecture, drills and exercises, on topics including: [...]

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July 2018

Burpee Training, 2 month recap


After completing 2 months of training in which I performed 3 workouts per week of only burpees I have found my aerobic fitness levels to be as high as I expected. My test was the FireKracker 5k on the 4th of July. Up to this race I did run occasionally, but never more than [...]

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June 2018

Burpee Training Week 8, 6/29/2018


Burpee training week 7 recap. I have taken that "stair-step" up in my burpee ability. We are 3-4 weeks into a surprisingly easy chunk of workouts. That was not the idea when these workouts were written but I have adapted very nicely. Next four weeks will have to be a little tougher! With the [...]

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Burpee Training Week 7, 6/19/2018


Week 6 results. Solid week. Everything completed as written and felt strong through it all. A few weeks ago I really struggled with the Long workout. I have a feeling that adding one minute of 12 burpees performed every :05 seconds every week will eventually lead to a time/amount of burpees that I will [...]

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Burpee Training Week 6, 6/13/2018


The three workouts were very manageable. Up to this point every long piece makes me a little nervous of being the first one to end the streak. This 14 minute one was no exception. However I never felt like I was close to not being able to continue. I finished feeling like it was [...]

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Burpee Training Week 5, 6/5/2018


Tough week! The long 13 minutes nearly got me! I did not think I was going to be able to complete it until I was 5 burpees away from the finish. I knew there would come a long workout that I would not be able to complete but I hoped it would be a [...]

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May 2018

Burpee Training Week 4, 5/29/2018


Unfortunately week three brought me my first failed workout. And the other two workouts were such a success that I didn't even see it coming. I was lucky enough to do 12 minutes of burpees with Marcia. She kept the :05 seconds-a-burpee pace up to about 50 burpees. She took a very short break [...]

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Burpee Training Week 3, 5/22


Last weeks workouts were perfect! However I can tell that this week's will definitely push my limits. Here is the recap: The LSB was great. I lucked out and had Erika do it with me! Having a partner made the entire process much more enjoyable. It got hard at the normal spots, just before [...]

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Burpee Training Week 2, 5/15/2018


The first week was not too bad. I was expecting it really hit my shoulders and triceps a lot harder than it did. I think I started with the right mix of small numbers and just enough, but not too intensity that I was able to complete everything as written and not feel defeated. [...]

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Burpee Training day 1, 5/8/2018


I tested my mile time with burpees. Right now, the fastest I can run a mile is in about 6 minutes. So today I performed my "burpee conversion" test to see how many burpees equal a hard run mile. I stuck to my plan, see yesterday's post, and was able to sneak a few [...]

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