Baby break workouts

//Baby break workouts

August 2019

Workout: Sat, Aug 3


WORKOUT A. 5 minute easy jog 25 ft of toe sweeps 25 ft of inch worms with a pushup 10/10 mountain climbers 20 half burpees B. 10 rounds: 10 burpees 200 meter run (rest 1:1, each round faster than the one before it) C. legs up wall - 2 min child's pose - 1 [...]

Workout: Sat, Aug 32019-08-02T21:53:58+00:00

Workout: Fri, Aug 2


Optional: How many burpees can you do today? WORKOUT A. 3 rounds: 50 jumping jacks 5 inch worms with down dog + push up 5/5 lunge, point to the sky B. 5 sets each (complete the full 5 sets of each movement before going to the next, take the 30 sec rest between each set): [...]

Workout: Fri, Aug 22019-07-21T18:00:50+00:00

July 2019

Workout: Thurs, Aug 1


Optional: How many single-leg squats can you do today? (Figure 4, ankle behind ankle or holding foot) WORKOUT A. 2 min easy run 3 rounds: 0:10 sec sprint, 0:50 sec rest, 5 burpees B. 5 sets of Bulgarian split squats x 6 each leg, rest 2 minutes btw sets (complete all Bulgarian split squats before [...]

Workout: Thurs, Aug 12019-07-21T17:54:40+00:00

Workout: Weds, July 31


Optional: How many minutes can you accumulate in a plank, and side planks on each side (all three must be equal)? WORKOUT A. 3 rounds: Samson lunge with tri stretch x 25' Scap raise push-up x 10 Scap raise pull-up or hands overhead x 10 100 meter run B. 4 rounds: Dips x 12 [...]

Workout: Weds, July 312019-07-21T17:37:14+00:00

Workout: Tues, July 30


Optional: How many minutes can you accumulate in the bottom of a free-standing squat? WORKOUT A. 3 rounds: 50' toe sweeps 25/25' fence over/unders 25 jumping jacks B. 7-10 rounds of 10 air squats @ 42X0 (4 sec down, hold for 2 sec, explode up), 60 sec rest between each set 7-10 rounds of [...]

Workout: Tues, July 302019-07-21T17:25:23+00:00

Workout: Mon, July 29


Optional: How many sit-ups can you do today? WORKOUT A. 3 of each: Scap walk/crawl (bring right hand and foot together while left hand/foot are outstretched, then take a step by bringing the left hand and foot together; 12 "steps" forward and reverse) Bear crawl (12 "steps", forward and reverse) Inch worm with push-up [...]

Workout: Mon, July 292019-07-21T17:12:08+00:00

Workout: Sat, July 27


Optional: How many squats can you do today: WORKOUT A. 5x each: 25 sec jog 10 lunge/push-up/point to sky B. 5x each: 12 (6 each side) forward lunges, hands behind head 12 reverse lunges, hands behind head 12/12 single leg romanian dead lifts C. 5 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), each (complete [...]

Workout: Sat, July 272019-07-21T16:56:29+00:00

Workout: Fri, July 26


Optional: How many push-ups can you do today? WORKOUT A. 3x each: 25 jumping jacks 3 inch worms with down dog B. Running Tabata 8 rounds: 0:20 run (as fast as possible), 0:10 walk C. 10 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), alternate: 1. 10 push-ups (can count towards your daily total) 2. [...]

Workout: Fri, July 262019-07-21T16:40:39+00:00