September 2018

Member Spotlight: Leelee


Name: Leelee Kates Occupation: Patient Access and Registration Manager and the CSU Health Network Lives in: Fort Collins, CO Hometown: Fort Collins, CO 1. What goals are you working on now? I’m currently training for life! And also the Equinox half marathon. My current goal is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. I’ve [...]

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August 2018

Member Spotlight: Ryan


Name: Ryan Becker Occupation: Environmental Scientist Lives in: Fort Collins Hometown: Lake Forest, IL 1. What goals are you working on now? I'm currently working on losing weight and making it in to the gym 5 days/week on a consistent basis. 2. What challenges do you face in your fitness [...]

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July 2018

Member Spotlight: Andrew


Name: Andrew  Occupation: Campaign Planner for USA Today Lives in: Fort Collins, CO Hometown: Johnstown, CO 1. What goals are you working on now? Most my current goals right now are running focused. I currently have my sights set on Fortiude 10k. I am working on getting my 10k time down to an hour [...]

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Member Spotlight: Marcia


Today we feature Marcia, who lights up every class she attends with positivity and a drive to continuously improve! Name: Marcia  Occupation: Student & Sterile Processing Technician Lives in: Fort Collins, CO Hometown: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada 1. What goals are you working on now? My current [...]

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June 2018

Member Spotlight: Jennifer


Today we're happy to feature Jennifer, who never fails to impress us with her positive energy, sense of humor and dedication! Jennifer is a regular at our 5:45am classes, and likes to get her workout in before her three young sons are out of bed! Enjoy our quick [...]

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May 2018

Member Spotlight: Austin


Today we're happy to feature Austin, who brings a fun, competitive edge to every class! Austin always pushes himself, and is a constant source of support for those in the class with him! He was a true leader during our Team Persistent Hunters Ruk Race (Cerus Ruk), just [...]

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Burpee Training Week 3, 5/22


Last weeks workouts were perfect! However I can tell that this week's will definitely push my limits. Here is the recap: The LSB was great. I lucked out and had Erika do it with me! Having a partner made the entire process much more enjoyable. It got hard at the normal spots, just before [...]

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Burpee Training 5/7/2018


What kind of an athlete would you be if all you did was burpees? Long slow sets of burpees, short quick sets, tempo, a few at a time over the course of a day? Could doing burpees regularly create the same familiarization with the movement that a runner has with their stride? Is one [...]

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April 2018

New Partnership: NoCo Nutrition


I’m excited to announce Persistent Hunters’ new partnership with super-athlete and Fort Collins-based Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Katie Kissane of NoCo Nutrition. Katie draws on her experience as a competitive runner and triathlete to guide her clients to fuel their bodies to reach their goals- whether they want to hone their athletic performance, to lose weight, [...]

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February 2018

Weight Vest Training (2/21/2018)


We now have 8 members registered for the CerusRuk race in May. One of the stipulations of the race is every member of the team must carry 30 pounds from start to finish (but doesn't need to haul it over the obstacles). The race length is 5 miles. While this does not sound like [...]

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