Burpee training week 7 recap. I have taken that “stair-step” up in my burpee ability. We are 3-4 weeks into a surprisingly easy chunk of workouts. That was not the idea when these workouts were written but I have adapted very nicely. Next four weeks will have to be a little tougher! With the FireKracker 5K coming in less than a week I have made it to my original “by-when” date. However, the plan did not go entirely the way I originally intended. The original idea was to train for this race exclusively with burpees and not a step of running. The running-universe-karma-god took note of my plan and showed up as a friend named Andy who asked if I would join him on his Ragnar Ultra team, and I agreed, shortly before I started week 1. The relay is in August. The thought of getting to early July (FireKracker 5K) without a single mile run did not make me very confident. But with time constraints I knew I would not be able to get decent mileage anyway but I should try to get as much as possible and commit the rest of my available time to 3 burpee workouts a week. So with that being said, I have been running 1-2 times a week on top of the burpees.

LSB: 16 minutes @12 burpees/minute, 192 burpees total. This went very smoothly, I give it a 6-7/10 RPE.

Speed: 10 x 12 Burpees, rest 1:1. Times were :22/:23/:24/:24/:24/:25/:27/:25/:23/:22. 120 burpees total. This got kinda nasty in the middle, but was able to finish strong.

Tempo: 20 minute EMOM: 1: 16 burpees, 2: 4 Burpee. 200 burpees total. Perfect threshold workout for me. Never got into the red, but I did get very close and the 4 recovery burpees kind the engine hot but still able to gather myself for the next minute. This was the first time 16 burpees/minute felt ok.

Week total: 512

Week 8 workouts:

LSB: 17 minutes @12 burpees/minute, 204 burpees total.

Speed: 14 x 10 burpees, rest 1:1. 140 total burpees.

Tempo: 6 minutes @15 burpees/minute (1 burpee every :04 second), 90 burpees total.

Week total: 434