Week 6 results. Solid week. Everything completed as written and felt strong through it all. A few weeks ago I really struggled with the Long workout. I have a feeling that adding one minute of 12 burpees performed every :05 seconds every week will eventually lead to a time/amount of burpees that I will not be able to complete. That workout (I think it was 3 weeks ago?) in which I did not think I was going to finish even up to 8 burpees left made me think my number was about to get called. However ever since I have felt really good and in no way unsure about being able to finish the workout! This week’s Long Workout was 15 minutes and 180 burpees total. It felt like a 7 out of 10. The Speed Workout 4 x (8-10-12), with rest of 1:1 was not that bad either. 8 fast burpees is now pretty easy. The set of 10 was ok. The 12 at the end was intense, but then I got full rest. In the end the entire workout took about 10 minutes and I did 120 burpees total. The Tempo Workout was a 12 minute EMOM: 1 minute of 16 burpees, the other minute of 4 burpees (rest). This was another 7 out of 10 overall. But the minutes of 16 left me breathing very hard. Total of 420 for the week.

This week’s workouts:

Long: 16 minutes @12 Burpees/minute, 192 burpees total.

Speed: 10 x 12 Burpees as fast as possible, rest 1:1. 120 burpees total.

Tempo: 20 minute EMOM: 1: 16 Burpees, 2: 4 Burpees. 200 burpees total.

Total week’s burpees: 512