The three workouts were very manageable. Up to this point every long piece makes me a little nervous of being the first one to end the streak. This 14 minute one was no exception. However I never felt like I was close to not being able to continue. I finished feeling like it was a good aerobic workout with hammering me into the ground. The speed day was possibly a little too easy. I did 10 x 10 burpees with :30 seconds rest after each set. That too never got to the point where I was near failure. For the speed day I think that might of been too easy, but it felt good to complete it. I decided to change the tempo workout so I would not try and complete the same workout that I have failed at twice in a row. I did a similar workout, I just added a rest minute after the first two 16 burpee/minutes and the three 15 burpee minutes. This was the hardest workout of the three but I was able to dig deep and complete it!

This weeks trio:

Long: 15 minutes at a 12 burpee/minute pace (1 every :05 seconds). 180 burpees

Speed work: 4 x (8, 10, 12). Rest 1:1 after each set of 8, 10, and 12 burpees. Full rest after the group of 3 are done. 120 burpees

Tempo: 12 minute EMOM: 1 minute: 16 burpees, 2 minute: 4 burpees. (120 burpees)