Tough week! The long 13 minutes nearly got me! I did not think I was going to be able to complete it until I was 5 burpees away from the finish. I knew there would come a long workout that I would not be able to complete but I hoped it would be a little longer than 13 minutes! Hopefully it was just a bad day. The speed work was fine, which was a relief. But I failed the tempo EMOM again. I failed in the same place, almost to the same number of burpees as last time. This week I am going to take a step back from that specific workout and incorporate a rest (or two) into that piece so I should be able to complete the total amount of burpees, just 2 minutes longer and see how I feel. If all goes well then after that I will take out one of the breaks. Total burpees this week 381.

Workout for this week:

Long: 14 minutes @ a 12 burpee/minute pace, 168 burpees total.

Speed work: 10 x 10 Burpees w/:30 seconds rest, 100 burpee total.

Tempo: 9 minute EMOM: 1 & 2: 16 Burpees, 3: rest, 4,5,&6: 15 Burpees, 7: rest, 8 & 9: 15 Burpees. 107 Burpees total.