Burpee Training Week 4, 5/29/2018

//Burpee Training Week 4, 5/29/2018

Burpee Training Week 4, 5/29/2018

Unfortunately week three brought me my first failed workout. And the other two workouts were such a success that I didn’t even see it coming. I was lucky enough to do 12 minutes of burpees with Marcia. She kept the :05 seconds-a-burpee pace up to about 50 burpees. She took a very short break and then got back at it and was able to finish the 12 minutes with around 120 burpees! For someone who is made to lift heavy she does a great job of pacing. It goes to show the more you move your body the more you learn how it can be used. Marcia has a background in volleyball and more recently serious- as in jump out of a helicopter (she calls them choppers) snowboarding. Two sports that are not quite long-slow-grinding type activities. I have only know Marcia for a short time now but I am learning that she goes all-in and really enjoys to push herself. I am no longer surprised at her ability to monitor her output and always finish strong, usually with negative splits! She is proof that you do not have to run the “Trials of Miles; Miles of Trials” method in order to know how to pace yourself. You do have to stay persistent. Keep grinding at whatever your sport is and through your own Trials of Miles you can start to see your own dashboard with it’s very own set of information that can pace your through anything. 144 burpees total.

The speed work was a second success in as many days! I was real nervous about this one. I though this would hand me my first loss but instead I surprised myself and was way faster than I thought I could be. It was 3 rounds of 4 sets of 8 burpees, with the goal of every set of 8 under :20 seconds. First set went like this: :16, :17, :18, :18. Rest was 1:1 between sets and full rest between rounds. Second round went like this: :17, :18, :18, :18. And the third got close to failure but being the last reps I dug deep: :18, :19, :19, :19. 96 burpees total.

After the first two workouts, especially the speed work, I thought the tempo was going to be hard but not impossible. It was an 8 minute EMOM with the first two minutes paced at 16 burpees each. The next four minutes at 15 burpees each. The final two minutes at 14 burpees each. After the speed work I felt like 16 burpees a minute should have felt easier than they did. I was able to complete both minutes but knew I was in for a tough remaining 6 minutes! It took everything I had to do the first 15 minute set (the third minute). I finished the last burpee right at one second to go. The fourth minute, second of 15 took about 1:30 to complete. I took the remainder of that minute and the next one off to recover and finished the last two minutes of 14 burpees each. I did 90 out of the 120 burpees.

This week’s workouts are as follows:

LSB: 13 minutes, at 12b/m pace (1 every :05 seconds). 156 total.

Speed Work: 3 x (5x9B). Each set to be done under :25 seconds. Rest 1:1 between sets, full recovery between rounds.

Tempo: Repeat last week, since it was a fail, 8 minute EMOM: 1&2: 16 Burpees, 3-6: 15 Burpees, 7&8: 14 Burpees.