Burpee Training Week 2, 5/15/2018

//Burpee Training Week 2, 5/15/2018

Burpee Training Week 2, 5/15/2018

The first week was not too bad. I was expecting it really hit my shoulders and triceps a lot harder than it did. I think I started with the right mix of small numbers and just enough, but not too intensity that I was able to complete everything as written and not feel defeated.

The first workout I completed was the long slow piece. I set my clock to 5 second intervals and performed one burpee each interval for 10 minutes. It was a perfect pace for that time duration. It never got overwhelming yet I still worked up a sweat and definitely would not call it easy. I did 120 burpees.

The second workout consisted of 4 sets of 8 burpees. I performed this 4×8 twice. I did the 8 burpees as fast as possible and rested 1:1 in between and gave myself full rest, around :90 seconds between the two 4×8’s. My splits were as follows:

  1. :24 seconds
  2. :22 seconds
  3. :21 seconds
  4. :21 seconds
  5. :17 seconds
  6. :21 seconds
  7. :21 seconds
  8. :20 seconds

I think my warm up could have been better and that would explain the :17 second set for the 2nd group. Overall I did 64 burpees.

The third workout was a tempo piece in which my “fast” sets were done at my goal pace (16 burpees/minute) and my recovery sets were done at 50% (8 burpees/minute). I tried to maintain as similar burpee form for the slow ones as I could and just spend a few breaths in each position. The workout was 2 minutes at goal pace, 1 minute recovery, 2 minutes at goal pace, 1 minute recovery. This was definitely the hardest of the three workouts. The recovery burpees did not give me as much of a break as I was hoping and that made the second-2 minutes tough and event the last minute of 8 burpees was a challenge to get done. But it was all completed for a total of 80 burpees.

Week 2 Workouts:

  • Long Slow Burpees (LSB): 11 minutes, every :5 seconds 1 burpee for 132 total burpees.
  • Speed Work: 2 x (5x9B), the 9 burpees are to be done under :30 seconds. Rest 1:1 between sets and full rest after the 5th set. Total of 90 burpees.
  • Tempo: 2 minutes: 17 Burpees each minute, 1 minute of 8 burpees, 2 minutes of 16 burpees each minute, and finish with 1 minute of 8 burpees. 82 burpee total.