Burpee Training day 1, 5/8/2018

//Burpee Training day 1, 5/8/2018

Burpee Training day 1, 5/8/2018

I tested my mile time with burpees. Right now, the fastest I can run a mile is in about 6 minutes. So today I performed my “burpee conversion” test to see how many burpees equal a hard run mile. I stuck to my plan, see yesterday’s post, and was able to sneak a few a couple more at the end for a total of 93 burpees in 6 minutes. That boils down to 15.5 burpees a minute.

My new goal will is to be able to perform 96 burpees in 6 minutes or 16 burpees a minute by the end of my 4 week plan. Every week I will perform 3 different all-burpee workouts. One will be the burpee equivalent to LSD in running, Long Slow Distance. I will pace my burpees to a slow grind, trying to not stop at any point longer than a breath. I am not going to try and keep my form the same as I would for a regular, unrestricted burpee but spend a beat or two in the bottom and the top. For the first few long workouts I am going to use a metronome to help keep pace. I am going to set it to 12 burpees a minute which is one every 5 seconds. The main goal is to maintain 70-75% intensity for the entire time.

The second workout will be a speed work equivalent. I like starting any speed program with short distance at the goal speed or faster and working up from there. I will perform sets of 8 to 9 burpees at a pace that will be slightly faster than the overall goal. Over the course of the 4 weeks I will add more sets and decrease the time it takes to complete the 8 or 9 burpees. Between reps rest will be 1:1. If it takes :29 seconds to complete, I will rest :29 seconds before the next set, with full rest between sets.

The third burpee workout will be a tempo day. A tempo workout will be conducted at goal pace or faster for a more sustained period of time but still short, a few minutes tops. Instead of full rest in between paced but slow burpees will be done to recover just like a slow run or jog as part of a fartlek workout.

Here is week 1:

Long: 10 minutes, goal of 110-120 burpees (11-12 burpees/minute).

Speed: 2x(4x8B). Each “rep” of 8 burpees will be done in :30 seconds or less. After each “rep” of 8 burpees I will rest the same time it took to complete (1:1). After the 4th set, I will rest as much as I need. Do a few burpees to keep moving but nothing too taxing. When I am ready I will perform the second 4x8B the same as the first. Total I will perform 64 burpees, plus any rest burpees. The entire workout should take less than 10 minutes.

Tempo: 2 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute): 16 burpees every minute. 1 minute of 8 burpees to catch my breath, then another 2 minutes of 16 burpees a minute. Finish with 1 minute of 8 burpees. Total is 6 minutes and 80 burpees.