Persistent Hunters’ fitness program is structured around group classes, complemented by a personalized plan tailored to the unique goals and fitness level of each athlete. In the first week, you will work with Coach Matt to define your goals and outline a plan to achieve them.



Matt Benti
Matt BentiOwner, Head Coach

I don’t come from an athletic family, yet I have always felt the need to run, jump, lift, and compete–to be in motion. Growing up, I participated in typical youth activities like Little League and basketball, but it was in high school that I discovered what I am best at: endurance sports. Then, as a student at CSU, I found the mountains and cycling.

While at CSU, I started personal training at the Rec Center and realized that I love coaching and training those ready to achieve their goals. Since graduating with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science in 2006, I have been a head coach in several gyms.

And I’ve lived in some great places: Denver, Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles. In each place, I’ve learned in new ways how the work we do inside a gym can impact what we can accomplish outside of it. I love guiding people to achieve things they never knew they were capable of, and to watch that new strength impact their life outside of the gym.

Several years ago, when I decided to start planning and saving for a gym of my own, I knew that I wanted it to be in Fort Collins. Through my coaching experience, my own training as a cyclist, and keeping up with cutting edge exercise science, Persistent Hunters became my vision.

Training should be efficient and useful. Funnily enough, it was working for a company unrelated to personal fitness that I first had experience with the importance of goal-setting. The company insisted on setting goals and making them public. I realized how necessary it is to declare what you want, when you are going to achieve it, and how.

The soul of Persistent Hunters is about goal declaration, planning, and achievement.

A Goal-Driven Gym

Join a supportive community that aims to help you achieve your fitness goals.